The Favor of God

You often hear people refer to the “Favor of God”. When people say this, it usually is in reference to blessings or “a door” that has opened. The Favor of God seems, for most people, to be a circumstance that is very positive or prosperous. When it just seems that the doors are opening and everything is falling into place so easy then it must be the Favor or “will” of God.

Unfortunately, everything happening so easily and everything feeling so right does not always constitute the favor of God. The favor of a God is not meant to be confused with the Favor of men. Often times when we pray, “God give us favor” or “I need to find favor with you God”, we are actually praying for the favor of man. The favor of man can include blessings, prosperity, financial increase, and generally positive things. It can be a beautiful thing to find favor with men and to find favor in your city or on your job.

A person should be very cautious, however, when praying for the favor of God in their lives. Be careful when asking for the favor of God because you may find yourself in situations that you did not expect.

Being in His perfect will and experiencing His favor is not always easy, just ask Job. He went through living hell when his entire life crumbled around him. No doors were opening, it was the greatest struggle of his life, he was attacked from every angle. The favor of God looked more like the judgments of God to the finite eye.

Joseph had a dream that was given by God. But that dream landed him in a pit. From there, he was sold to the Ishmaelites. Soon he was a servant to an Egyptian named Potifer and eventually falsely accused of attempted rape. He landed in a dungeon where he interpreted dreams only to be forgotten by those he helped.

If there ever was a man that appeared to have “missed it”, it was Joseph. “Joseph, you missed it buddy. You’re not in the will of God. His favor is definitely not on you!” But, on the contrary, all of this happened while he was right, square in the middle of God’s will! Unlike popular belief, THIS is what the favor of God looks like. All of this happened because God had favor on him.

The next time you question God’s direction, favor, or will in your life because things are getting a little difficult, remember, God’s favor may come in a series of trials and tests. We can’t cut and run every time the road gets tough and claim that “we must not be in the will of God”.

This mentality lends itself to instability. We must stay the course. Continue steadfastly, even if we feel like we’re backing up. Joseph appeared to be backing up. He backed up until finally his legs touched something solid and he sat right down on the throne of Egypt.

God will accomplish his work in your life. It’s going to take patience, however. Don’t cut out on God before the work is finished. Impatience has destroyed the dreams of many. Joseph’s patience and his dream eventually set him up for his divine purpose and that was to be in position to preserve the very seed of Abraham.

Sometimes it’s the struggle that lets you know you are still in the will of God. Be prepared, if you pray for the favor of God…

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